Colchester United's Gallery

1970s Programmes 1980s Programmes
Season 1978/1979 Season 1979/80
Leatherhead (a) Brentford (A)
Leatherhead (a) FAC Brentford (A)*
16th December 1978 10th November 1979
Manchester United Season 1980/81
Swindon Town (A
Manchester United (h) FAC Swindon Town (A)*
20th February 1979 11th April 1981
Watford (A) Gillingham (A)
Watford (A)* Gillingham (A)*
13th April 1979 18th April 1981
Season 1975/1976  
Crystal Palace Away  
Crystal Palace (a)  
30th August 1975  
Season 1973/1974  
Gillingham (h)  
20th April 1974  
Season 1971/1972  
West Bromwich Albion  
The Watney Cup Final  
West Bromwich Albion (a)  
7th August 1971  
Season 1970/1971  
Leeds United (h)  
Leeds United (h) FAC*  
13th February 1971  
Everton (a)  
Everton (a) FAC*  
6th March 1971  
*Scans Courtesy of Steven Parker
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